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Is your company doing everything it can to help your women leaders succeed?


  In a recent survey,

  • 84% of graduates reported increased confidence and self-awareness
  • 76% of graduates reported a promotion after departing the program
  • 92% of graduates reported still being in the organization that sponsored the program
 Structured for maximum effectiveness
 Four half-day sessions over a two month period - minimizing disruption to companies and allowing participants to apply the critical  insights between sessions.

 One-on-one mentorship
 A personal mentor with years of executive experience is assigned to each participant. The mentor will guide them through business  challenges and coach them in creating their development plan. 

 Real-time, real-world situations
 Each participant spends time solving business challenges by working with peers, assessing options, weighing alternatives and agreeing u  upon solutions.

 Action plan for success
 Graduates leave with an individual development plan created with their supervisor's input, directly in line with their company's business  objectives.


 Fall 2017 DATES 
 November 2
 November 16
 November 30
 December 14

 8:00am - 4:00pm 

 Bank of America Conference Center
 Miami, FL
 $2,500 per participant
 $250 discount for TCI member companies, or groups of four or more 
 Use early bird discount code success2017 through August 31

 Katie Doyle
 Program & Membership Manager

 Call us if you would like to set up a meeting to learn more.

 This very popular program runs once a year, and sells out fast. The next session begins in November - reserve a seat now!  Capacity is  limited to 32 and we now have only 16 spots remaining.